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Selective Distribution in the Age of E-Commerce: An overview of EU and national developments

I. Introduction Much has happened since e-Competitions' last Special Edition on Selective Distribution from 2014 [1]. The growth of e-commerce has continued to reshape undertakings’ business and distribution strategies. Not only is the use of selective distribution on the rise. Manufacturers are also imposing more and new types of restraints to control the conditions of retail. Moreover, they are increasingly competing with their distributors by selling the contract goods directly through their own online shops, and are using vertical restraints to regulate this emerging competition. The European courts and enforcement agencies have therefore had to contend with many new legal questions, and apart from the odd investigation into the distribution of automobiles and spare parts, [2]

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Anne Witt, Selective Distribution in the Age of E-Commerce : An overview of EU and national developments, 24 mars 2021, e-Competitions Selective Distribution, Art. N° 99224

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