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Privacy and antitrust: An overview of EU and national case law

1. Introduction. The emergence of multi-sided media platforms occurred in parallel with the success of business models that revolve around the collection and use of personal data, generating revenue from user-data-based profiling and advertising. Given that only some of the firms elaborating those profiles hold monopoly power in the downstream markets where digital services are offered, the privacy-antitrust interface has gained momentum. Indeed, in such a context, together with privacy issues related to users’ ability to control their digital identities, another concern has been raised: that the collection and aggregation of data (including personal data) by dominant firms entrenches their dominant positions. The cycle that achieves this end runs as follows: the more data a firm

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Giuseppe Colangelo, Privacy and antitrust : An overview of EU and national case law, 17 janvier 2019, e-Competitions Privacy and antitrust, Art. N° 88800

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