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Parallel trade in the pharmaceutical sector: An overview of EU and national case law

1. Introduction The purpose of this foreword is to provide an overview of national and European case law on parallel trade in the pharmaceutical sector, as reported in the e-Competition Bulletin. Parallel trade relies on price differentials between countries for the same product. It takes place where a product is bought by a trader in one country and exported to another country where it is resold at a higher price than in the country of origin. Parallel trade in principle benefits end-consumers as the exported product is sold in the importing country at a lower price than the domestic price. The pharmaceutical sector has proved to be a fertile ground for parallel trade. The sector remains largely "un-harmonised", with national rules and policies applying to the pricing and

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Charles Pommies, Jean-François Willems, Parallel trade in the pharmaceutical sector : An overview of EU and national case law, 3 novembre 2016, e-Competitions Parallel trade in pharma, Art. N° 43745

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