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Merger remedies and competition law: An overview of recent EU and US case law and policy developments

Introduction Over the last three years, merger control has remained an active area of antitrust enforcement in Europe as well as other parts of the world. The global merger boom of the last few years has continued even if it lost some momentum from mid-2018 onwards. According to a report by EY, global M&A in 2020 was tracking below 2019’s value, but still was expected to rank fifth for value of deals in the post-global financial crisis period [1]. In their global surveys of merger control enforcement, Allen & Overy observed for 2019 an increase in M&A deals being frustrated by merger control interventions with 40 deals prohibited or abandoned whereas in 2020 the number was 25% lower with 29 deals being frustrated [2]. In 2019, 143 cases were cleared subject to remedies and

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Thomas Hoehn, Merger remedies and competition law : An overview of recent EU and US case law and policy developments, 20 mai 2021, e-Competitions Merger Remedies, Art. N° 99893

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