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Market definition in merger control: An overview of EU and national case law

1. Introduction Market definition has long played a central role in the conceptual and practical application of competition law, often having a decisive impact on the outcome of merger investigations. Deutsche Börse/NYSE, for example, was cleared in the US but blocked by the European Commission on the basis of a narrow product market for European financial derivatives traded globally on exchanges [1]. And the Whole Foods/Wild Oats merger saga turned upon the dispute between the government and the parties on whether there existed a separate market for "premium, natural and organic supermarkets" (PNOS) or whether the relevant market for the parties’ stores included the broader set of grocery stores and supermarkets [2]. More generally, the articles in this issue highlight the

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  • RBB Economics (London)
  • RBB Economics (London)


Stephen Lewis, Daniel Gore, Market definition in merger control : An overview of EU and national case law, 17 mai 2016, e-Competitions Market definition in mergers, Art. N° 79504

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