Judicial review and competition law: An overview of EU and national case law

To be asked to contribute a foreword is pleasant, if that which is to be published is of good quality. Happily, such is the present case. e-Competitions, a child of this electronic century, has been publishing articles on competition topics since 2004. The mode of publication was so novel to me that I was sceptical about the demand (grey hair and the use of a pencil reveal prejudices and eccentricities I acquired last century). But the journal, edited by Nicolas Charbit, has flourished. Success has been favoured by the remarkable evolution of competition law as part of the daily fare of national practitioners, no longer an exotic minority specialty of a small number of practitioners in Brussels and a few other large European cities. That phenomenon has grown following the

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  • General Court of the European Union (Luxembourg)


Ian Forrester, Judicial review and competition law : An overview of EU and national case law, 27 avril 2011, e-Competitions Judicial review, Art. N° 35611

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