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Indian competition law: An overview of national case law

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Introduction India is rather a new entrant in the field of competition and antitrust laws. The year 2022 marks two decades of enactment of the Indian Competition Act, 2002 (“ICA”). Enactment of the ICA in 2002 was a watershed in Indian regulatory regime. The ICA succeeded the archaic Monopolies & Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1965 (“MRTP”) which had outlived its relevance in a country where the economy was already on the path of liberalization and privatization since 1991. The MRTP Act came into existence when the Indian economy was only just finding its feet and the country was emerging out of foreign rule which had lasted over 200 years. The new government was determined to be in control of enterprises as India had already suffered at the hands of the East India Company of

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