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Indian competition law in the digital markets: An overview of national case law

Introduction Competition enforcement in digital markets has proven to be challenging even for mature competition law jurisdictions. However, for India’s competition authority these challenges were presented before it at a time when it was barely finding its feet as it became fully operational in the year 2009 [1]. Lacking its own jurisprudence, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) has leaned on the wording of the Indian Competition Act, 2002 (CA) and jurisprudence from EU, US and other mature competition law jurisdictions in developing the reasoning behind its orders. Without needing to follow historic jurisprudence, the CCI’s decisions in digital markets have been nimble - evolving with time and its own understanding of these markets, notably through the market studies

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Shilpi Bhattacharya, Pankhudi Khandelwal, Indian competition law in the digital markets : An overview of national case law, 28 juillet 2021, e-Competitions Indian Competition Law in the Digital Markets, Art. N° 101150

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