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Hong Kong Competition Law: Interview of Sébastien Evrard by Knut Fournier

Enforcement of competition laws in Asia has been increasing steadily over the last few years. Most Asian jurisdictions now have a competition law and enforce it more vigorously. Hong Kong is a case in point: while the Competition Ordinance has been in place for 5 years, enforcement is picking speed with the Competition Commission having overhauled their leniency framework and won landmark cases in court. There have been significant developments beyond Hong Kong in all areas of competition law: mergers, abuses of dominance, and cartels. For this issue of the “e-Competition Interview Series”, Knut Fournier (KF) an in-house counsel at StubHub (Hong-Kong) invited Sébastien Evrard (SE) of Gibson Dunn (Hong Kong) to discuss Hong-Kong Competition law and to share his thoughts on lessons from

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Sébastien Evrard, Knut Fournier, Hong Kong Competition Law : Interview of Sébastien Evrard by Knut Fournier, 28 avril 2021, e-Competitions Hong Kong Competition Law, Art. N° 99557

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