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Foreign Direct Investment: An overview of the EU and national case law

It's a well-established fact: investment screening mechanisms have existed for a long time. The introduction of such rules, which allow governments to scrutinise individual investment proposals for their potential impact on essential security interests, can be traced back to the 1960s in some countries. Nevertheless, many countries were historically relying on single-sector authorisation requirements or similar mechanisms at most. Therefore, in practice, foreign direct investment ('FDI') screening mechanisms had rather limited implications on transactional practice areas and mainly concerned investments in the defence sector. In recent years, we have seen the arrival of a new wave in FDI policymaking. FDI compliance has now become a top priority for investments within the European

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Emily Xueref-Poviac, Foreign Direct Investment : An overview of the EU and national case law, 16 septembre 2021, e-Competitions Foreign Direct Investment, Art. N° 101654

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