Cartel settlements: An overview of EU and national case law

The European Commission announced in March 2012 that it had concluded its fifth cartel settlement since the EU cartel settlement regime [1] was adopted in 2008. The pace at EU-level has thus accelerated to that of a slow drip, although the Commission anticipates a more steady flow soon [2]. With somewhat more regularity, cartel cases are also being settled or 'resolved early' by several of the EU's national competition authorities, in both administrative/inquisitorial and adversarial settings [3]. Observers tracking these developments are still in general faced with a premier bilan problem because in most European jurisdictions cartel settlement procedures are relatively novel [4]. But with a slowly blooming bud of case material at EU and national level a quick squint at the state of

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  • Monash Law School (Melbourne)


Mel Marquis, Cartel settlements : An overview of EU and national case law, 29 mai 2012, e-Competitions Cartel settlements, Art. N° 46057

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