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Arbitration & Antitrust: Interview of James Segan QC by Claire Morel de Westgaver

In the last few decades, arbitration has been widely accepted as the most prominent dispute resolution mechanism for cross-borders disputes. The number of competition disputes being settled in this way has nonetheless only started to increase in recent years. Arguably, public policy concerns have been chief among the reasons for various government and inter-governmental bodies’ reticence, in particular as stories in the press have sometimes contributed to the false notion of “secret courts” making decisions behind closed doors. This is changing. Stakeholders have begun to appreciate the benefits of arbitration and, as a result, arbitral proceedings involving competition law issues have become more frequent. The Guidance on the Use of Arbitration issued recently by the Anti-trust division

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Claire Morel de Westgaver, James Segan QC, Arbitration & Antitrust : Interview of James Segan QC by Claire Morel de Westgaver, 17 février 2021, e-Competitions Arbitration & Antitrust, Art. N° 98040

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