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Mergers in the telecommunications sector: An overview of EU and national case law

The EU’s merger control regime regularly produces headlines in the business news reminding deal makers how important it is to get it right with the European Commission. Not all of the stories about Brussels have a happy ending. However, based on the number of prohibition decisions (and withdrawals), the telecommunications sector continues to be among the less problematic ones with parties regularly managing to get their deals cleared. This is even true in cases involving mavericks and if the sector is defined more broadly to include networks and services other than the traditional ones allowing for point-to-point communication. In fact, the major challenge that businesses face, especially where there is pressure to close a deal quickly, is to navigate the jurisdictional minefield that

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Michael Rosenthal, Mergers in the telecommunications sector : An overview of EU and national case law, 30 mars 2012, e-Competitions Telecom & Mergers, Art. N° 44678

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