The Italian Competition Authority clears a merger without demanding remedies in the large scale food distribution sector, while scrutinising the relationship between the suppliers and the distributors (Bolton Group International / Luis Calvo Sanz)

1. The case Bolton Group International / Luis Calvo Sanz On April 20th 2012, Bolton Group International S.r.l. (hereinafter also “Bolton”), notified to the Italian Competition Authority (“ICA”) the acquisition of 40% of a Spanish competitor, Luis Calvo Sanz S.A. (hereinafter also “Calvo”). Bolton is a group operating in the production and marketing of canned tuna and salmon. In these markets, it is the first operator which owns well known trademarks, like “Rio Mare”, “Palmera”, “Alco” and “Manzotin”. Also Calvo owns a key position in the above mentioned markets for canned fish, and owns “Calvo” trademark. Calvo also operates in Italy through the company “Nostromo”, which owns “Nostromo” trademark. After having received the notification of the operation, on July 25th, 2012, the ICA

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