The French Minister of Economy grants clearance to a merger in the measurement and billing of energy sector, subject to divestiture and granting of software and brand licenses (Ista / Celliande)

In its decision dated 28 September 2006, the French Minister of Economy granted a conditional clearance of the acquisition of all of shares of the French company Celliande by Ista International GmbH (hereinafter “Ista Group”). The Minister required that the acquirer divest its own company as a condition to approving the merger. Ista Group specialises in building of consumption-dependent billing of energy, water and heating costs. Ista Group is present in 24 countries, in particular France. Ista France SAS (hereinafter “Ista France”) is composed of three branches and six sales offices. Ista Group is wholly controlled by CVC Capital Partners, which also owns the German company Ruhrgas Industries, whose core business is the production and distribution of meters for water, gas and

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