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The Paris Court of Appeal widens the possibilities for car manufacturers to fight against illegal parallel imports (Peugeot / SPEA / CNPA)

In April and August 1995, a European Automobile Association, the Syndicat des professionnels européens de l'automobile (SPEA), had referred a matter to the French Competition Council regarding practices implemented in the automobile distribution sector by two major French car manufacturers (Renault and Peugeot as well as their dealers, associations and professional organisation, the Conseil national des professions de l'automobile (CNPA)). SPEA claimed that these practices were anticompetitive because they aimed at impeding parallel imports of Peugeot and Renault cars to France to the detriment of consumers, import agents and dealers located in other Member States. In a decision dated 26 May 2003, the general rapporteur of the Competition Council decided to separate the case into three

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