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The German Competition Authority releases its review of 2020

Bundeskartellamt – Review of 2020* In 2020, the Bundeskartellamt imposed fines in cartel proceedings totalling approx. 358 million euros, examined around 1,200 corporate mergers, received more than 120 applications for review in public procurement cases and conducted important abuse of dominance proceedings. The authority also handled numerous short-term requests for guidance on cooperation from companies facing the coronavirus crisis. Within the scope of its competencies in the area of consumer protection the Bundeskartellamt uncovered several consumer-unfriendly practices in the areas of smart TVs and online user reviews. Andreas Mundt, President of the Bundeskartellamt: “This year, we too had to respond to extraordinary circumstances in order to fulfil the task of protecting

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German Competition Authority, The German Competition Authority releases its review of 2020, 29 décembre 2020, e-Competitions Preview, Art. N° 98566

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