The French Competition Authority dismisses a claim by an association of newsagents that a reseller of postage stamps for franking abused its dominance on the grounds that the case is not a priority (Culture Presse / La Poste)

Resale of postage stamps for franking: the Autorité rejects the complaint of Culture Presse against La Poste and, for the first time, makes use of the procedure of dismissal due to lack of priority*Background The Autorité de la concurrence today rejected Culture Presse's complaint concerning an alleged abuse of a dominant position by La Poste in the sector of the resale of postage stamps for franking, due to lack of priority. By this decision, the Autorité issued a dismissal decision due to lack of priority for the first time since the transposition into French law of Ordinance 2021-649 of 26 May

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