The EU General Court upholds a Commission decision finding that a Danish aid scheme in favour of the print media sector is compatible with the internal market (Søndagsavisen)

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Media Plurality in Denmark* State aid measures need not be open to all undertakings. Introduction On 11 October 2016, the General Court rendered its judgment in case T-167/14, Søndagsavisen v Commission. Søndagsavisen requested annulment of Commission decision SA.36366 on a measure that had been notified by Denmark. The purpose of the measure was to support production and innovation in the newspaper and magazine sector (print media). The applicant, Søndagsavisen, is a Danish company active in the print sector. It publishes the highest-circulation free newspaper in Denmark. Søndagsavisen is funded entirely by advertising revenue. It includes 24 regional editions with a common editorial content and advertising that is tailored to each region. In October 2013, Denmark notified to

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