The US FTC introduces 5 process changes for second requests in its merger reviews

What to Expect During Antitrust Merger Reviews and Investigations Under the Biden Administration (Part 1)* Antitrust enforcers are revising the gamebook for firms that hope to get their mergers through the federal merger review process. As this blog has previously reported on increased antitrust enforcement under the Biden Administration, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) and U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”) are continuing with their renewed efforts to promote competition and block potentially anticompetitive mergers. As part of their investigations as to whether the antitrust laws have been violated, or whether a proposed merger could be anticompetitive, these agencies will often issue a “Second Request” or Civil Investigative Demands for information. Second Requests With corporate

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  • Constantine Cannon (New York)
  • Constantine Cannon (New York)


Alysia A. Solow, Alan H. Schwartz, The US FTC introduces 5 process changes for second requests in its merger reviews, 28 septembre 2021, e-Competitions November 2021 - II, Art. N° 103566

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