The UK Government introduces the National Foreign Direct Investment Bill

Introduction A new national security notification regime On 11 November 2020, the UK Government introduced its National Security and Investment Bill ("Bill") into Parliament, which will significantly strengthen its powers to investigate and potentially prohibit transactions on national security grounds. The Bill contains a mandatory notification regime, backed up by criminal sanctions, for transactions in sectors thought most likely to raise national security concerns, and a voluntary notification process (underpinned by a "call-in" power) for other transactions that may affect UK national security interests. In its impact assessment of the proposed measures, the Government states that it envisages around 1,000-1,830 mandatory notifications being made each year, with 70-95 detailed

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Nigel Parr, Neil Cuninghame, Christopher Eberhardt, Jason Radford, The UK Government introduces the National Foreign Direct Investment Bill, 11 novembre 2020, e-Competitions November 2020, Art. N° 98250

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