The EU Commission publishes final e-commerce sector inquiry report

On 10 May 2017, the European Commission (“Commission”) published its final Report on the e-commerce sector inquiry (“the Report”), aimed at identifying business practices in the sector that might restrict competition and limit consumer choice. The Report consists of two documents: (i) a 16-page summary; and (ii) a 298-page Staff Working Document, and considers issues arising from the sale of consumer goods and the supply of digital content separately. The results are based upon evidence gathered from 1 900 companies operating in e-commerce of consumer goods and digital content, in addition to analysing around 8 000 distribution and license contracts. The Report largely mirrors the preliminary report (see VBB on Competition Law, Volume 2016, No. 9) in that it identifies various practices,

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  • Van Bael & Bellis (Brussels)


Andrzej Kmiecik, The EU Commission publishes final e-commerce sector inquiry report, 10 mai 2017, e-Competitions May 2017, Art. N° 84308

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