The EU Commission approves a financial aid for the construction of a multiarena in Copenhagen after finding proof that the measure was both necessary and proportionate to realise the project, as well as sufficiently open to competition (Elitefacilitetsudvalget)

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Transparency Is also Needed at the European Commission Level* Main points As more State aid measures in the future will be granted on the basis of the General Block Exemption Regulation, Member States will have to make the aid they grant more transparent. More transparency should prevent the granting of State aid that is incompatible with the internal market. However, Member States should also be assisted in identifying which public measures may contain State aid. It is the responsibility of the Commission to improve the quality and clarity of its decisions. Introduction A primary objective of the State aid Modernisation is to make the granting of State aid more transparent. Transparency helps to improve the quality of public policy and strengthen the effectiveness of State aid

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