The EU Court of Justice annuls the General Court’s decision which ruled that the Greek authorities should have known about the State aid public loan when there was no proof that they were aware of it (Larko)

Advantage Must be Proven, Not Assumed* Introduction When a company gets into financial trouble, public subsidies may provide a temporary respite but hardly ever a permanent solution if the company does not undertake painful restructuring. More than 10 years ago, Larko, a Greek mining company, benefitted from injection of public money and state guarantees on commercial loans. Only a few months ago, its financial situation was reported to be still very precarious. In addition to its commercial problems it also has to deal with legal problems. On 26 March 2020, the Court of Justice delivered its ruling in case C-244/18 P, Larko v European Commission. [1] Larko sought annulment of the judgment of the General Court in case T-423/14, Larko v European Commission. The judgment of the

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