The EU Court of Justice publishes its decision concerning a State aid question in the context of supplementary health insurance (Dôvera zdravotná poistʼovňa)

The Dovera-saga: Peace of mind for solidarity or cold feet for EU competition law?* Last summer’s CJEU judgment in Case C-262/18 P Dovera Zdravotna Poist’ovna has gone by quite unnoticed with only a few mentions and annotationsin the usual blogs and journals. However, this judgment – which concerned a State aid question in the context of Slovakian supplementary health insurance – is significant for the interaction of EU competition law (specifically State aid law) with social protection and social security law. Since the AG2R Prévoyance judgment, it was generally assumed that supplementary insurance schemes involving a (partially) compulsory affiliation fall within the scope of EU competition rules. The supplementary French insurance scheme at issue in that case was assessed under

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