The EU General Court affirms a Commission’s decision that aid granted to German climbing centers is compatible with the internal market, finding that the Commission’s economic analysis was sufficient (Magic Mountain Kletterhallen)

Compatible State Aid May Have Negative Effects on some Market Operators* The existence of market failure is not necessary for aid to be declared compatible under Article 107(3). Market failure does not mean that the market is completely unable to supply a good or service. State aid aiming to remedy market failure may be compatible with the internal market even if it has a negative impact on some market operators. Introduction Barely within a month of the judgment on 12 May 2016 in case T-693/14, Hamr-Sport v Commission, [1] the General Court rendered another judgment in a case also involving sport but also concerning the Commission’s assessment of the positive and negative effects of State aid. On 9 June 2016, the General Court ruled in case T-162/13, Magic Mountain Kletterhallen and

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