The Paris Court of Appeal receives the first application ever from the EU Commission acting as amicus curiae on the basis of Reg. N°1/2003 in the automobile sector (Garage Gremeau / Daimler Chrysler)

Facts and proceedings Garage Gremeau had been entrusted by Daimler Chrysler France with the distribution of Mercedes Benz motor vehicles in the Dijon area (Burgundy) since 1982. On the basis of the new Commission Regulation (EC) n° 1400/2002, of 31 July 2002, on the application of Article 81(3) of the Treaty to categories of vertical agreements and concerted practices in the motor vehicle sector? (OJEC L 203, 1st August 2002, p. 30-41) which involved a reorganization of its distribution network, Daimler Chrysler issued a termination notice to Garage Gremeau on 25 June 2001, with a two-year prior notice ending on 30 June 2003. On 28 September 2002, Garage Gremeau applied to be appointed as (i) exclusive dealer/distributor for the sale of new Mercedes Benz vehicles, and (ii) authorized

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