The Greek Supreme Court rules that a provision of national law limiting the compensation due to those employed in the public sector upon retirement to a certain level does not constitute aid within the meaning of Art. 87.1 EC (Olympic Airway employee)

Factual background The applicant was employed by the Greek national flag carrier from 1968 to 1999, when he retired. Upon retirement, he was paid 12 million drachmas, pursuant to Mandatory Law 173/1967. In 2000, he brought an action before the court of first instance of Athens, asking for the payment of an additional sum of approximately 42 million drachmas, claiming that the collective labour agreement signed in 1990 between the airline and the professional air union of Greece was applicable when calculating the level of compensation due to him, as opposed to the Mandatory Law 173/1967, as amended. The court of first instance of Athens rejected the applicant's action and the applicant appealed against this judgment before the court of last instance of Athens, this time asking also the

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