The German Bundeskartellamt cleared with remedies, including the divestments of a depot and a shareholding, the disposal of two lease agreements and the termination of a distribution agreement (WASAG/Sprengstoffwerke Gnaschwitz)

The operation On 3 December 2004 H&R WASAG AG, Salzbergen (“WASAG”) notified the Bundeskartellamt of its proposed acquisition of approximately 50% of Sprengstoffwerke Gnaschwitz GmbH, Schlungwitz (“SWG”). WASAG is active in the development, production and distribution of chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials, high-tech plastics and industrial explosives. The industrial explosives branch is operated by Westspreng GmbH (“Westspreng”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of WASAG. SWG is a manufacturer

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