The Italian Prime Minister adopts new antitrust and competition law rules

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti's governmental decree on liberalization has recently become law, introducing a number of changes to the Italian antitrust and competition rules that had been originally laid down by the office of the Italian Antitrust Authority (Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato, or "AGCM") at the time when Antonio Catricalà, today Vice-Secretary of the Council of Ministers, was the acting Chairman of the AGCM. These enhancements, supported by the new AGCM Chair, Giovanni Pitruzzella, are mostly welcome, but in our view, they are not adequate enough to equip the country with a sound and effective competition policy with enforcement sufficient to operate within an increasingly globalized framework. The Competition Merger Control Rules Premerger Filing

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Stefano Macchi di Cellere, Giuseppe Mezzapesa, The Italian Prime Minister adopts new antitrust and competition law rules, juillet 2012, e-Competitions July 2012, Art. N° 49928

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