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Competition law in Albania

Introduction Albania first adopted the law on the protection of competition in 1995 [1] . The law included antitrust rules, unfair competition provisions, and rules on consumer protection. It created the basis for a competition policy in Albania, although it included numerous sectoral exemptions, from banking to forestry, and lacked a proper deterrent mechanism. During the initial period of economic transition from a central planning economy to a free market, Albania was guided by the principles of the Washington Consensus, which gave little weight to competition policy. The main objective was to open the market, privatise state companies and maintain a macroeconomic stability. It was apparent that the first law was guided by what can be called a "step-by-step approach," which aimed

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Pranvera Këllezi, Competition law in Albania, 28 juillet 2003, e-Competitions July 2003, Art. N° 25931

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