The Indian Competition Authority publishes a market study into the telecom sector, finding a shift to non-price-based competition, categorizing the sector as a two-sided market, and noting the sector’s distress due to increased debt burden

The Indian Telecom sector (‘Sector’) is the world’s second largest telecommunications market, both in terms of subscriber base (1.16 billion) and in terms of total internet users (743.19 million). Recently, on 22 January 2021, the Competition Commission of India (‘CCI’) released its key findings and observations from a study exploring the evolution of the sector and the present regulatory challenges relating to the sector. Through the study, the CCI assessed the market dynamics within the sector and highlighted developments in the sector that could lead to competition concerns in the present and foreseeable future. Further, the report assessed the shift in competition strategies by market participants, including the trend of cooperation between telecom services and related industries such

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