The German Parliament adopts competition rules for tech platforms

In Short The Development: The Bundestag, the German legislature, amended Germany's antitrust laws to include special competition rules for digital platform "companies with overwhelming importance for competition across multiple markets." The amendments, known as the GWB Digitization Act or ARC Amendments, also substantially raise Germany's merger control filing thresholds. The Background: In recent years, the German Federal Cartel Office ("FCO") launched a number of high profile and hotly debated antitrust investigations into the conduct of digital platform companies such as Facebook. According to the Bundestag, Germany's existing antitrust laws have not allowed regulators and the courts to move fast enough to block alleged abuses of market power in rapidly changing digital markets.

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Laurent de Muyter, Carsten Gromotke, Dr. Jürgen Beninca, Michael A. Gleason, Hiromitsu Miyakawa, Prudence Smith, Craig A. Waldman, Philipp Werner, Johannes Zöttl, The German Parliament adopts competition rules for tech platforms, 19 janvier 2021, e-Competitions January 2021, Art. N° 98972

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