The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal delivers a landmark ruling to confirm the applicability of compound interest in the calculation of damages, following a private claim against a truck cartel (Royal Mail / DAF Trucks)

The Competition Appeal Tribunal’s recent decision in the trucks cartel claim raises some serious questions about expert economic evidence. In this post I want to flesh out some of the challenges and then float some suggestions for improvements. The context Many readers will know the basic background. Back in 2016, the European Commission decided that there had been a 14-year cartel between truck manufacturers. A wave of damages claims followed, and the first to come to trial in the UK was the claim brought jointly by Royal Mail and British Telecom against one of the manufacturers, DAF. There was a 25-day trial last year and judgment was given in February 2023. See Royal Mail v DAF [2023] CAT 6. The judgment has attracted a lot of attention around Europe because, whilst there have been

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