The Italian Court of Rome recalculates the correct amount of ’State aid’ to be recovered as zero and orders the State to repay undertakings the ’aid’ that has already been recovered (Mediaset)

On 11 February 2016, the Court of Rome annulled the recovery order issued to Mediaset concerning unlawful aid it received and recalculated the aid amount at zero. Background & facts of the case The decision under review originates from a request for a preliminary ruling submitted by the Court of Rome regarding the recovery of unlawful aid that the Italian government granted to certain terrestrial broadcasters. The Commission ruled (in Decision 2007/374/EC) that the aid Italy granted to individuals to purchase or lease digital decoders for pay-TV services offered by digital terrestrial broadcasters constituted a form of indirect State aid to terrestrial broadcasters that was incompatible with the internal market, as it was not

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