The EU Commission states that the reluctance of a forest company to conclude long-term contracts with other saw mills falls outside the scope of the Article 107 TFEU (Bavarian State Forest Enterprise)

Objectively Justified Pricing: The Market Economy Operator Principle* Introduction: Objective justification of price differentiation In a landmark judgment 25 years ago [February 1988], the Court of Justice established that business behaviour that appears to deviate from normal market practices can still conform with the market economy operator principle [MEOP] which is a variation of the better known market economy investor principle [MEIP]. Both principles are based on the same logic: the pursuit of profit. Apparently unusual pricing behaviour can be in conformity with the MEOP if it can be objectively justified. This very important elaboration of the MEIP was first promulgated in the judgment in case C-67/85, Kwekerij Gebroeders van der Kooy BV v Commission [1]. The case concerned

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