The Turkish Competition Authority’s member of the board expresses a dissenting opinion about the legality of the fines imposed according to the fining regulations

Stories on the Fining Regulation (1): Can Anyone Spot The Difference?* The story begins in January 2008 by the amendments made to the Competition Act. These amendments mainly contain the inclusion of the leniency and the possibility of imposition of fines on individuals. Apart from that, the TCA was (and has been) required to issue regulations on fines and leniency. Following these developments, the TCA adopted two distinct regulations on fines and leniency in February 2009. Both of the regulations were expected to enhance the arsenal of the TCA in its fight against violations of competition law, in particular to cartels. Therefore, it was considered by some commentators (see here) as the beginning of a new era in Turkish competition law since the new rules provided effective tools

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