The French Minister of Economy approves a concentration in the meat sector without remedy (Bigard / Arcadie Centre Est)

The Bigard Group is active in slaughtering, carving, and transformation of cattle, pigs, sheep and fowl. Arcadie Centre Est is active in slaughtering (1st transformation), and carving and boning of meat (2nd transformation). In 2006, Bigard acquired sole control of a number of Arcadie Centre Est's assets in various locations in France. The Minister rendered the present decision without prejudice to the application of Article L. 430-8 of the French Commercial Code, which enables him to fine parties to a transaction implemented before clearance. 1. Market Definitions The French [1] and Community [2] decisional practice divides the meat sector into several markets for live animals for slaughtering (1st transformation), markets for fresh meat (2nd and 3rd transformations), and the market

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