The EU Court of Justice AG Rantos issues an opinion arguing that sporting associations may sanction their members for participating in rival competitions without prior approval (ESLC / UEFA / FIFA)

By now the issues surrounding the Super League need no further introduction. On the one hand, there are monopolists that potentially abuse their dominant position, whereas, on the other hand, there is a controversial collective of clubs, seeking to change or expand Europe’s current football offering. Consequently, the ECJ’s ruling may shape Europe’s sports sector for decades to come. Thus, AG Rantos’ opinion was eagerly awaited, especially since the Court tends to follow the AG opinion. Whereas one may rightly conclude that AG Rantos’ opinion fits neatly with existing case law, the factual underpinnings and the magnitude of this decision may go unnoticed. The sports industry has undergone significant developments in recent years. Following the commencement of the virtualization of

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