The Australian Competition Authority seeks further views on the merger between two major suppliers of cash-in-transit services due to its effect on competition (Armaguard / Prosegur)

ACCC seeks further views on Armaguard and Prosegur merger* The ACCC has released a statement of preliminary views regarding Armaguard and Prosegur’s application to the ACCC for merger authorisation. Armaguard and Prosegur are the two largest suppliers of cash-in-transit services in Australia and the only suppliers with significant national networks. Cash-in-transit services include cash transport, management and processing services and are predominantly provided to banks and retailers. Armaguard and Prosegur have sought ACCC authorisation for the merger of their cash-in-transit, ATM device monitoring and maintenance and ATM businesses in Australia. The parties submitted to the ACCC that high fixed costs for providing cash-in-transit services and

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