The Indian Competition Authority reprimands the national poultry farmers’ association for price fixing and issues a cease and desist order (T. R. Chandran / People for Animals / National Egg Co-ordination Committee)

KEY POINTS The knowledge among members that prices have to be followed strictly to avoid adverse action in itself creates an ecosystem where the requirement of strict adherence permeates to each nook and corner. BRIEF FACTS Two separate informations were filed by Mr. T. R. Chandran (“Mr. Chandran”) and People for Animals (“PFA”) against National Egg Co-ordination Committee (“NECC”) and NECC and Agro Complex India Limited (“ACIL”) respectively. It was alleged that NECC and ACIL’s conduct ensures that fluctuation in the demand for eggs, does not a-ect egg prices negatively. It was further alleged that NECC fixes and declares daily egg prices at various production and consumption centres and publishes price information on its website under the heads, ‘NECC Prices’ and ‘Prevailing Prices’.

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