The EU General Court dismisses the appeal of financial services companies which wanted to annul a State aid (BPC Lux 2)

Bail-in Is the Responsibility of Member States* Introduction Investors in banks who lost their money have sought compensation both at EU and national level. So far, claims for damages at EU level have been unsuccessful. In some instances, the cases before EU and national courts have been closely linked. Investors have argued that the outcome at EU level could impact on the outcome at national level. One such case was the subject of the judgment of the General Court of 19 December 2019, T‑812/14 RENV, BPC Lux 2 Sàrl and others, v European Commission. [1] BPC Lux 2 Sàrl and others sought the annulment of Commission decision SA.39250 that had authorised Portuguese aid to Banco Espírito Santo [BES] that had been granted in the context of the resolution of BES. BPC Lux 2 Sàrl and the

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