The EU Commission publishes a code to regulate communications in Europe

In Short The Situation: On December 18, 2018, the European Union published its European Electronic Communication Code ("Code"). The Result: The Code overhauls the current legislative framework for telecommunications with the aim of consolidating existing legislations into a single Act. Looking Ahead: The Code must be implemented in national legislation by December 21, 2020, although price caps for intra-EU calls and texts will begin to apply on May 15, 2019. The European Electronic Communication Code broadens its scope to over-the-top players ("OTT") and promotes the rollout of very high capacity networks (5G and fiber networks). The European Parliament also introduced additional measures to impose caps on retail tariffs for intra-EU voice calls and texts, which ultimately were

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Bernard Amory, Alexandre G. Verheyden, Yvan N. Desmedt, Laurent de Muyter, Holger Neumann, The EU Commission publishes a code to regulate communications in Europe, 11 décembre 2018, e-Competitions December 2018, Art. N° 99208

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