The EU General Court considers the right of public access to documents in the context of cartel damages actions (CDC Hydrogene Peroxide)

Access to documents under Reg 1049/2001 and private enforcement of EU competition law – the CDC Hydrogene Peroxide judgment* As usual, the EU Courts handed down judgment in a number of cases shortly before Christmas. EUtopia law will be posting blogs on one or two of them in the days and weeks to come, including the important judgment in NS. To kick off, I thought I would draw our readers’ attention to the judgment of the GC in Case T-437/08 CDC Hydrogene Peroxide. It is particularly important for those of us who practise in the field of competition law, but it will also be of general interest to those interested in the EU access to information regime. CDC Hydrogene Peroxide (CDC) is a Belgian company specifically set up for the purpose of recovering damages on behalf of those who have

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