The EU General Court annuls a Commission’s decision limiting its discretion to reject complaints and addressing the issue of market definition in the luxury watches repair services and spare parts markets (CEAHR)

Wrapping up the week / Case T-427/08, CEAHR v Commission* Case T-427/08, CEAHR v Commission The complaint: The European Confederation for watch repairers associations lodged a complaint before the Commission alleging that watch manufacturers had engaged in agreements and/or concerted practices and/or abused their dominant position by refusing to continue to supply spare parts to independent repairers. The Commission's decision rejecting the complaint. Now, guess on what grounds the Commission rejected the complaint… yep: lack of Community interest. The rejection decision arrived at that conclusion noting that (i) the complaint concerned a market of limited size and economic importance; (ii) there was no evidence suggesting the existence of an infringement, and that it was likely that

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