The Luxembourg Government proceeds to consultation following the submission of the draft bill aimed at reforming the 2004 Competition Act (Draft Bill n° 5816)

In December 2007, the Minister of the Economy and Foreign Trade [1] (Minister) submitted a draft bill to Parliament (Draft Bill) with the aim of reforming the law of 17 May 2004 on competition, as amended (the Law on Competition). Although no serious assessment was made concerning the three years of its application, the Minister did proceed to a large consultation following the submission of the Draft Bill. The Draft Bill does not seem to be well-received by the business community. It is useful to refer to the Luxembourg legislative procedure. After submission of a Draft Bill to Parliament, the government needs to request the opinion of the Council of State (Conseil d'Etat). The Council of State cannot really block a Draft Bill, it can only delay its vote by three months. The opinions of

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