The Icelandic Competition Authority clears a merger in the retail market for books and stationery items subject to restrictions on marketing and sales (DM/Dreifingarmidstodin)

The operation On 27 April 2006, Penninn hf. notified the Icelandic Competition Authority (ICA) that it had acquired two bookstores, Bokaverslun Jonasar Tomassonar (BJT) and Bokaverslun Andres Nielsson (BAN). In its review the ICA noticed that in 2005 DM had bought Dreifingarmidstodin. DM and Penninn have similar ownership and the ICA decided to look into that aspect of the case. DM and Dreifingarmidstodin operate a distribution warehouse stocking books, writing instruments and other stationery products. After the merger DM also

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