The England & Wales High Court emphasises the need for claimants to ensure that they have robust evidence of an alleged breach to avoid being thrown out on summary judgment (Wireless / RAJAR)

Mr. Justice Lloyd's recent judgment in the Wireless / RAJAR case (handed down on 16 December 2004), demonstrates certain of the procedural and evidential difficulties faced by private litigants seeking damages for alleged breaches of competition law before the English Courts. The Claimant, Wireless Group Plc is the owner and operator of a national commercial radio station “talkSPORT”. The Defendant, RAJAR, compiles audience ratings figures in relation to radio stations throughout the UK. In common with other commercial radio stations, a substantial proportion of talkSPORT's revenue is generated through the sale of advertising. The value of a given radio station to potential advertisers will be determined, in part, by the size of its audience as evidenced by ratings figures compiled

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