The French Minister of Economy grants clearance to a merger in the markets for milk collection and milk supply (Orlait / Comalait)

In its decision dated 2 August 2007, the French Minister granted clearance of Orlait's acquisition of direct sole control of Comalait and indirect sole control of all Comalait's subsidiaries. Orlait is active in the sectors of long-keeping milk trading and supply, and of long-keeping cream mainly sold via supermarket distribution under retailers' own brands. Orlait is indirectly controlled by Sodiaal, a leading dairy cooperative in charge of transformation and marketing of drinking milk, dairy products, cheese, milk powder and butterfat. Comalait is active in the sectors of cows' milk collection, long-keeping milk processing and milk supply to supermarkets and hard-discount distribution, and in the sectors of the supplying of cream, fresh milk, mineral water and products for farmers.

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