The EU Commission issues a rare decision on an SGEI measure concerning a press agency that could have been exempted from notification (Slovenia)

A Rare Commission Decision on an SGEI Measure that Could Have Been Exempted from Notification* A public service obligation must be imposed by an act of entrustment that describes in detail the terms of the obligation, identifies the undertaking that offers the service and lays down procedures for preventing over-compensation. Introduction The purpose of Commission Decision 2012/21 on services of general economic interest [SGEI] is, like the GBER, to exempt certain aid measures from prior notification. It is exceedingly rare to see a measure for compensation of SGEI net costs according to the requirements of Decision 2012/21 formally authorized by the Commission. But this is exactly what the Commission did in Decision SA.61014. [1] In January 2021, Slovenia notified to the Commission

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